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Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud

Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud: These are 4 common buzzwords that we hear today. They are indeed very much inter-related as well!  In this era of information and technology, they have become an integral part of our lives, mobile phones and social media. Such is the power, that businesses are forced to integrate these in their marketing and customer support strategies.

Social Media

Social media allows instantaneous interactions, sharing of news, photos, videos etc. From a technical perspective, this requires elastic omnipresent storage capability.


Mobility facilitates that. The late 2000s saw a meteoric rise in the popularity of smartphones in the enterprise, followed by the tablet at the turn of the decade. “Phones have been supplemented with tablets, and now both are being supplemented with ‘phablets'”, Mobile is likely to change the consumer-facing aspects of most businesses as well.

Big Data

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts on business will be the advancement of tools to collect, process, and measure big data. “It starts with how do we store and enable the rapid access to this amount of data (some of it structured, much of it unstructured), how it will be identified and aligned how it will be retrieved and analyzed, and how it will then be used across the enterprise,. It’s predicted that data curation will emerge as a larger trend and real-time data collection will be important as well.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is another piece of the big data collection puzzle that will be pivotal for IT departments in the next few years.


Cloud provides this for the Social Media. Products that support collaboration and scale across all platforms will become essential. Cloud and mobile are not mutually dependent, but they do benefit one another in terms of encouraging productivity and collaboration. The moment something is on cloud, it can be big – big data. Small data can be hosted locally. If data is big, cloud is a good medium and the data can be leveraged for analytics. This facilitates informed decision making.


Businesses are increasingly using the social media as a platform to promote their service and offerings and to solicit feedback. It allows customer engagement and ability to interact. Previously, the customer reaction could be gauged only after weeks or month’s altogether, post analyzing the sales data. Increased presence of business on the social media makes it imperative to be monitored continuously.

Social Media
Column subtitle
  • Over one billion social media subscribers globally
  • Already discrupting traditional models of marketing and selling
  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin among the most popular social media firms
Column subtitle
  • Industry is shifting from the PC/laptop to mobile devices
  • 4.5 billion mobile subscribers globally; nearly 900 million in India alone
  • The spread of affordable 3G and 4G networks driving the growth of mobile apps
Column subtitle
  • Every year, companies and individuals generate billions of gigabytes of data
  • Companies which analyze and glean insights from this data can emerge as leaders
  • Holdas tremendous potential across industries like financial services, retail and pharma
Column subtitle
  • Has the potential to foster innovations and improve productivity across industries
  • Everything from enterprise applications to our music is now using the cloud
  • Can emerge as a tool for making computing more affordable in the developing world

SMAC technology is spreading faster than any other in the recent past. SMAC concepts create an ecosystem that allows a business to improve their operations by getting closer to the customer with a maximum reach and minimal overhead.While each of these four are capable for enhancing the business on its own, integrating these four together as a stack has changed the way businesses are looking to maximize their customer base, enhance brand value and off course, profit. The amalgamation of all these four enablers – social media, mobility, data analytics and cloud computing – collectively referred to as SMAC will be the leading business-technology enabler of the next decade . Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud – SMAC, the new four-letter word is now on everyone lips. This is the new enterprise IT model delivering an organization that is more connective, collaborative, real-time and productive.The confluence of SMAC i.e. will be a potent and leading business-technology enabler of the next decade.


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